Ditte, asthma patient from Louise Tønnesens trial EFFORT ASTHMA, after physical exercise intervention


Investigating the effects of diet and physical exercise on astma symptoms

Louise Tønnesen aims at understanding the connection between live style factors and astma symptoms.

Effects of diet and exercise

Evidence suggests that the composition of the daily diet as well as physical exercise can affect the inappropriate activation of the immune system that leads to asthma. Therefore, in this randomized clinical trial, we aim to investigate the effects of diet and physical exercise on the severity of asthma symptoms in a group of untrained normal weight and slightly overweight adult asthma patients.

Different interventions

After screening and enrolment, a total of 200 Danish asthma patients will be randomized to one of four groups: 1) control group (no intervention), 2) physical exercise intervention, 3) diet intervention or 4) exercise plus diet intervention. Asthma is defined as respiratory symptoms and at least one positive asthma test. Patients will continue their regular doses of anti-asthma treatment unchanged throughout the study period.

The exercise training will consist of moderate/high-intensity aerobe training; indoor spinning on a bike. Dietary principles are developed in the context of the New Nordic Diet (NND) and have an over-all high protein content (25-28% of energy) and low glycemic index (less than 55). A dietician will give close and personalized supervision and 5 visits will be planned during the intervention period.



Primary: Change in asthma control as measured with Asthma Control Questionnaire.

Secondary:  To assess possible immunological pathways linking the effects of exercise and diet on asthma control. Differences between the four groups at baseline and post intervention in inflammatory profiles will be assessed using a variety of inflammatory biomarker measured in sputum, blood and urine as well as fat biopsies.

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