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Evidence-based ICT tools for weight loss maintenance


Diets have been proven effective in relation to short-term weight loss. However, programmes that attempt to help people maintain a weight loss in the longer-term show high relapse and attrition rates, rendering them largely ineffective.


To evaluate the effectiveness of evidence-based ICT behaviour change tools for weight loss maintenance after a clinically significant weight loss.


We will recruit almost 1,600 adults from Denmark, UK and Portugal. Inclusion criteria are: age ≥18 years, BMI of ≥25 kg/m2 prior to loosing ≥5% of their initial body weight in the last 6 months. In a 2 x 2 factorial randomized trial, we will examine whether using a new mobile health toolkit for (1) self-regulation and motivation, (2) stress and emotion regulation or (3) all these factors in combination, will improve weight loss maintenance compared to (4) regular self-monitoring of weight via wifi scales.


The study will begin recruitment of participants in June 2016. For the Danish part, we hope to recruit the majority of participants from clinical dieticians, weight loss clinics, municipal prevention centers, and general practitioners. The intervention will start in September 2016 and the 6-month active intervention period will be finished around September 2018. The final 18-month follow-up visit will complete the study in September 2019.


ICT-based health tools have the potential to support weight loss maintenance. NoHoW will attempt to realise this potential and empower people to maintain their own weight loss. The most present challenge for our study is recruitment of participants.

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